Namrata Yocom-Jan and Daniel Jan with Seniors Helping Seniors

Namrata Yocom-Jan and Daniel Jan with Seniors Helping Seniors

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Namrata Yocom- Jan has worked in the senior care industry for 14 years. She started her career in Corporate America, with General Electric.

Within General Electric she held many roles and positions over a decade from being a Black Belt in Quality Assurance, to being an Internal Auditor for Company and finally being part of a strategic launch of GE’s first credit card in the Swiss market. She joined Seniors Helping Seniors® in 2007.

Over the years she has been involved in every aspect of the business from franchise sales, to operations, to running the local business, marketing and scheduling. She understands what it takes to start a Seniors Helping Seniors® franchise and where the franchise company needs to go with the growing needs of seniors.

She is well suited for her current role as the President of the Franchise system and to continue the legacy of her family owned business.


Daniel Jan is VP of Operations at Seniors Helping Seniors®.

What You’ll Learn in This Episode

  • What separates Seniors Helping Seniors from other senior care franchises/brands? (core values, mission statement, etc)
  • How Seniors Helping Seniors was founded
  • Seniors Helping Seniors 360 model
  • How many franchise locations there are